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Lynn DeMaio Edmondson, Born in Los Angeles, California, To

a family of artist, so the world of art is second nature to her.

She works from her studio in Temecula California.

Lynn's work is a combination of abstract contemporary mixed media composition on stretched canvas, working with a process that exposes many layers of depth and texture. Her current works have been an evolution over many years, Continuing to experiment with numerous finishing techniques.

Incorporating the use of paper, metals, wood, glass, copper, jade and many found objects mixed with acrylic paints and oil pastels. Much of her work is finished with a resin to create a glass like effect. 

Lynn's art has been sold in Showrooms and galleries throughout the US and abroad.

Her style is intuitive and experimental, pushing the boundaries of the visual form.

Lynn continues to produce new works achieving powerful and passionate expression from her irresistible imagination.

Lynn's energy and inspiration are drawn from nature, and beyond with the hope of provoking deep emotion.

They are entirely unique in the art world today.

"I am continuing to understand the effects of expressionism and how it impacts our own individual world, from thoughts and experiences known and all those yet to be had. To tap into the utmost of depth in order to create the visual experience."

"Intriguing and powerful"

Commission pieces on request.